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In the movie Last Action Hero, a kid was able to cross from his world, the real world, into a fictional movie universe, thanks to a magic golden ticket, which had at one point been owned by the great Harry Houdini. The youth met his hero, Jack Slater, in the latest of the Slater action films, and had an incredible adventure. He was able to challenge the conventional story-telling of the action film, and take things in an entirely new direction. It was a thrilling ride. But at the end of the day, when the world was saved, no mention was made of Danny Madigan's plans for how he intended to use the ticket in the future. I've got a few ideas.

First of all, in Last Action Hero, Jack Slater was able to leave his movie universe and enter the real world, as was the main villain in Jack Slater IV, as was Death personified near the end of the film. So obviously, there are no limits as far as what Houdini's golden ticket can accomplish. It seems to consider movie worlds just as real as our own, and movie characters just as legitimately alive as you or I. So where should Daniel go next?

I think he might do his movie theater employee friend a favor and use the ticket to help the two of them cross over into a new movie, one in which the fountain of youth had been discovered, and no ill effects would come to anyone making use of it. After all, at the end of the film, it seemed like old man Nick felt he wasn't worthy of using the ticket, due to his advanced age. So Danny could make Nick young again for starters.

In the end of the film, the original half of the ticket that Danny and bad-guy Benedict had been using ended up being blown off a rooftop and down to the streets below. Danny had no idea where it was, so he used the other half to get Jack Slater back into his movie world, where his life-threatening injuries could heal much more quickly, and in fact almost instantaneously.

Once Nick was young again, he might want to live his earlier mentioned dreams of meeting all his silver screen icons from old movies. So it makes perfect sense that Danny and Nick would split up at that point, pursuing separate adventures through a variety of movie universes. Except for one thing! Danny only has the second half of the ticket, and the first half is still missing.

So Danny and Nick could then go back from the Eternal Youth movie to reality, and then find another film in which a superintelligent benevolent being or computer or whatever could freely answer questions on the nature of life, the universe, and the location of lost magic ticket stubs. They enter that film, and find out that the lost stub is still outside the movie theater, just lying on the ground. They return to the real world, retrieve the original half of the ticket, and Nick takes it and sets out on his own adventures, entering an old black and white film.

Meanwhile Danny takes a moment to ponder all the possibilities that lie before him, since it is now entirely up to him as to where he should go next. He might realize that with his newfound ability to enter and exit varying realities at will, he might be able to conjure up a little financial success, to free his mother from the burden and stress of working a nine-to-five job that only pays just enough to hold on to their not-so-swell apartment.

Last Action Hero Golden Ticket

Danny might also realize that the ticket would probably work on any place a movie could be viewed, including at the Drive-In, and with any ordinary TV. Last Action Hero came out in 1993, as did Groundhog Day. Danny might have decided to go watch all the latest films to get inspiration for where to go next to become wealthy. At some point in the theater, he'd likely end up all alone watching Groundhog Day, and then notice Bill Murray is about to rip off a money truck. So he pops in, grabs a bag of cash, and exits back to reality. Since Bill Murray is living the same day over and over, and the ticket keeps the movie focused on the location it was most recently at, Danny could wait until the next daily repeat, and keep grabbing the same bag over and over! All he has to do is leave the final opportunity alone, since time would start back up normally after that, and the Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania of Groundhog Day needed its money. But he'd still have a bunch of alternate-timeline currency. With it, he could finance his and his mother's escape from their lame apartment, and perhaps the acquisition of some kind of mansion.

Last Action Hero Golden Ticket - Additional Thoughts

After striking it rich and providing his mother with enough free time to improve her life and hunt for a new mate, Danny might decide to pursue other avenues in various movie universes, such as the acquisition of super powers! After all, the ticket makes the movie real, and lots of movies have dealt with super serums, quantum bodily enhancement, and human upgrades. So he goes into an old Captain America flick, offers himself as a medical guinea pig for super soldier conditioning, and comes out of it with all the strength and charisma of Captain America himself.

With his body enhanced, he'd realize that great power demands great responsibility, and seek to enhance his mental faculties. In 1993, the 1980's series Tales from the Darkside was probably still being broadcast, and Danny might one day notice an episode entitled The Bitterest Pill. What an opportunity! A kid's family wins a ten million dollar lottery jackpot, which attracts all sorts of lousy solicitations, but one visitation seems different. A close family friend stops by asking for some capital with which to finance his plot to take over the world. What guts! But he has the right to be gutsy, because he's just created a set of pills that can give any person a permanent boost to their intelligence, and result in total recall. So Danny jumps into that episode, and before anyone knows what's happened, he's grabbed the pills, gulped them down, and returned to the real world, now a super genius.

Even More Magic Golden Ticket Speculation

With his brilliant mind and super abilities, Danny works in the real world to right every wrong, solve every injustice, and make the world a better place. In a few short years, he achieves world peace, cures all diseases, eliminates famine, hunger, and poverty, and sets humanity on a brilliant and glorious new path.

Then one day, someone seems to appear out of nowhere, shouting that everything around them is part of some kind of... movie!